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Integration to Microsoft Dynamics

MPSG Graphics software is build on Microsofts ERP platforms, either Dynamics AX or Dynamics C5. Both systems are complete ERP solutions, taking advantage of the most sophisticated features from Microsoft, which among other things involves integration to Microsoft Office.

Magenta is based on Dynamics C5 and is a complete system for the printing industry, handling everything from estimation, order handling, planning and accounting. Magenta is designed for small and medium companies, and you can purchase the required modules when they are needed. For the time being Magenta is only available in Denmark.

eGraph is based on Dynamics AX and is a very sophisticated system aiming for the medium and large-scale companies. eGraph completes the system by tailoring an already comprehensive system to the graphical industry, in order to make an "out of the box" solution, no matter to which part of the printing business you belong.

Web services and integration allow you to get more out of your Microsoft technology. For example, develop Microsoft Windows Server to drive greater return on investment (ROI), and connect online information, people, systems, and devices with Microsoft .NET.

All MPS Graphics solutions, based on Microsoft platforms, will help your people to be more productive, and your business to connect better to global subsidiaries, customers, and business partners. What's more, it's developed to work with widely familiar Microsoft products, helping you leverage investments in and knowledge of technology many companies already use.

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